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by David Turell @, Saturday, May 25, 2019, 17:01 (486 days ago) @ dhw

dhw (under “human evolution"): Yes, we know you think your God either preprogrammed or dabbled every single innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder, but this does not in any way reduce the importance of the environment’s influence on evolution, and it does not answer the question of whether your God deliberately engineered every single environmental change, both global and local. Please stick to the subject.

DAVID: The subject is how speciation happens, and the question cannot be answered at this time, but we both have suggested logical possibilities.

dhw: So do you still think your God designed every single organismal change before it was required, and if so do you think he preprogrammed or dabbled every environmental change, both global and local?

I am convinced God directed the evolution of life as history tells us. He certainly evolved the development of the Earth so it could support life. As for local environment, the various massive ice ages which did not deter hominin development suggest He did not control local environment.

DAVID: If God is in control of evolution then He created everything that appeared before He arrived at the speciation of humans. You are continuing to question why He chose to evolve humans. I don't know why, as I admit. But there is nothing illogical about my thoughts.

dhw: I am not questioning why he chose to evolve humans (if he exists). I am pointing out that your idea of evolution is that your God specially designed absolutely everything, and so I am questioning why he chose to specially design billions of non-human life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders if his only purpose was to specially design humans. You have no idea why, but you still think it’s logical.

DAVID: Of course it is logical, if one assumes, as I do, that God chose to evolve humans, starting with Archaia 3.8 billion years ago.

dhw: We can now abandon the thread about our complex speech mechanism, as you simply repeat the same answer: "God chose to evolve humans from the earliest life, which He created first."
Bearing in mind that your concept of evolution is that your always-in-control God SPECIALLY DESIGNED every single life form, lifestyle and natural wonder in history, please explain why it was necessary for him to specially design the whale’s flipper, the cuttlefish’s camouflage, the monarch’s migration pattern and the weaverbird’s nest so that they could all eat or not eat one another until he SPECIALLY DESIGNED all the special features of all the different hominins, hominids and homos leading to sapiens.

Thoroughly explained that since life requires a constant ingestion of energy, the econiches, of which you have seen many examples, are required and the contain many of the marvelous features of life you list above.

dhw: In the past you have acknowledged that you have “no idea”. Apparently you now have a logical explanation. If you haven’t, then please acknowledge that this combination of hypotheses is illogical and we can move on.

My 'no idea' quote meaning is unchanged. I have no idea why God chose to evolve life to reach human creation. As usual you have picked it out of context. I view what I have presented as totally logical. For example, the flipper allowed land-based mammals to enter an aquatic environment. The monarch's migration is a simple response to summer/winter. But they have other roles:


Butterflies, with their strikingly colored, delicate wings, aren’t just good lookers. They serve an important purpose for many flowering plants they rely on for food, shelter and procreating. Pollination occurs as butterflies seek what they need from plants, often those that provide nectar. While roaming on their spindly legs, they pick up pollen and move it from flower to flower. Albeit less efficient than that involving bees, this symbiotic relationship between butterfly and plant ensures the survival of both.

Comment: You need to look deeper into the nature God created when you criticize me for my views. Look how deep the monarch role really is in nature! My opinions come from very careful research.

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