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by David Turell @, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 15:10 (97 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You constantly return to the same refrain that you feel God shouldn't have waited to produce humans and has no right to choose to evolve humans. My entry today about carbon shows God had to evolve processes in the universe first. If I apply your strange thinking to the universe, why didn't He create the universe full blown, and the Earth full blown?

dhw: That is NOT my refrain! Look at the other assumptions. I am not questioning evolution, and if God exists, then of course evolution was his method of achieving his purpose. But if his only purpose was to design humans, why according to you did he specially design dinosaurs, whale flippers, cuttlefish camouflage, monarch lifestyle and the weaverbird’s nest? You don’t know, and that is why you admit that you have “no idea” why he chose such a method.

Same refrain. What is evolution except designing all the animals you just listed?

DAVID: Why do you enter my mind and tell me I find myself as illogical?

dhw: When I ask the above question about dinosaurs etc., you tell us it was so that these organisms could eat or not eat one another until he implemented the method he chose, though you don’t know why: “Haven’t you realized by now, I have no idea why God chose to evolve humans over time.” If you have no idea why he would choose your interpretation of his method in order to fulfil your interpretation of his purpose, you can hardly claim that your interpretations are logical.

Same totally illogical reasoning. My 'no idea' means I have not entered God's mind to know why He chose long term evolution over direst creation, as in the Bible..

DAVID: Control of human actions is never equivalent to a control of evolution itself! You are straining at gnats!

dhw: It is not an equivalent to control of evolution, it is an example of your God being willing to relinquish control over his creations. If he can watch unpredictable humans with interest, why can’t he watch unpredictable speciation with interest?

So again you relieve Him of control. We will always differ here, as you propose a less than purposeful God..

DAVID: God will not lose control over speciation.

How do you know?

DAVID: He is more purposeful than you think, as I view Him.

dhw: Watching to see how we use our free will and watching to see what his invention can produce are as purposeful as any purpose you can name, and they provide a perfectly logical explanation for all the natural wonders that have nothing whatsoever to do with your single purpose of producing H. sapiens.

I can't understand the blank spot in your objection to make my choice accepting God's choice to evolve humans as illogical. If He chose to evolve us, He had to create all of the evolution we see.

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