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by dhw, Friday, June 07, 2019, 12:21 (432 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I don't know why God chose to evolve bacteria to eventually produce humans. But that means He had to do exactly what you are objecting to […]

dhw: It doesn’t mean he “had to do” what you believe he did! It means you can’t think of any logical reason for your beliefs!

DAVID: My logic is equal to yours, but my logic involved from evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to accept God. I accept that God evolved humans. All the history is what He did.

I have no quarrel with the logic behind your acceptance of a designer, and if he exists, he obviously used evolution as his method of creating new species. That does not mean he specially designed every single life form, or that his sole purpose for doing so was to get them to eat or not eat one another until he specially designed H. sapiens. You continue to ignore the fact that it is the COMBINATION of your hypotheses which is illogical.

DAVID: Why can't you accept the idea that God chose to evolve everything on the way to producing us?

dhw: If you can’t explain why he specially designed the salmon’s migratory reproduction system in order to produce us, why should I accept it? Why can’t you accept the idea that your God might have chosen to design it because he enjoyed designing, or that he designed an autonomous inventive mechanism (cellular intelligence) to provide an ever changing bush of life (including the salmon’s migratory reproduction system), the latest product of which is us?

DAVID: Again you look for humanizing thoughts from God. I know what He did, not why He made his choices.

How do you know that he specially designed the salmon’s migratory reproduction system (i.e. he did not create a mechanism whereby the salmon could design the system itself), and what grounds have you for assuming that the purpose of this was that the salmon could eat or be eaten until your God specially designed H. sapiens, which was his only purpose in starting life?

dhw: Since you have no idea why he chose to specially design us by specially designing all the other special-but-less-special-than-us life forms, I don’t know how you can tell us you find it logical.

DAVID: It is logical to assume God chose to evolve us from bacteria.

For those who believe in God and evolution, it is logical that God chose to evolve all life forms from bacteria. It does not follow that he specially designed all life forms, or that he did so for the sole purpose of specially designing H. sapiens.

DAVID: Again my point is our specialness and Adler's explanation. You quote Shapiro to support your views. I use my experts.

dhw: Does Adler really support your view that your God specially designed every special life form, and that he did so in order to make them eat or not one another until he specially designed us?

DAVID: Adler is not discussing why God chose to evolve us, except to point our our specialness. He never delve into God's methods, only his obvious purpose.

I am not querying our specialness, but clearly that is the only “view” of yours which Adler supports.

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