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by David Turell @, Friday, August 30, 2019, 17:05 (389 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Again you deny my concept of a purposeful God who knew his goal and the steps needed along the way.

dhw: I do not deny your view of a purposeful God! I deny your view that your God only had one purpose (to create H. sapiens) and that he decided to wait 3.X billion years before fulfilling his one purpose and therefore had to design billions of other life forms etc. to eat or be eaten by one another until the time he had decided to wait had been “covered”.

The bold is your constant distortion. A goal requires achieving that goal. God chose to evolve humans as history shows, which is why your implication that He should have immediately performed a direct creation of humans is so strange.

dhw: You have continually told us that the creation of H. sapiens was his one and only goal right from the start. That lies at the heart of this whole discussion! If you now wish to withdraw that statement, please tell us what other goals he had that you consider were not related to the creation of H. sapiens.

Humans were His goal, but He used evolution to achieve that goal, per historical evidence.

dhw: […] you happen to know that your God is always in total control, has no human attributes, and above all doesn’t think or work in ways that conform to human logic. How do you know this?

DAVID: I know it from faith developed from study of the facts we know.

dhw: What possible known facts can lead to the faith that your unknowable God is in total control, has no human attributes, and does not think or work in ways that conform to human logic?

The fact is simple. We do not know a concealed God. What we presume about him is taken on faith, based on His observable works.

dhw: Perhaps we could end this discussion if you would stop imagining that every new discovery somehow confirms your illogical theory, but it is your amazing capacity for keeping abreast of all the discoveries that keeps this website going, and of course you must be free to comment on them. But I must also be free to comment on your comments!

DAVID: I plan to keep commenting, presenting complex designs as proof of an obvious need for a designing mind. Keep commenting to present your point of view as this website requires.
dhw: I am deeply grateful to you for presenting these designs, and I have no objection whatsoever to your using them as evidence that there must be a designing mind. This is a major factor in my refusal to espouse atheism, although there are equally compelling factors that stop me from espousing theism. My objections are to the sheer illogicality of your attempts to read your God’s mind in relation to his purpose and method, and to your baseless assumption that he has nothing in common with humans and your illogical reading is correct just because you know his logic is different from ours.

See above. God is concealed. Any assessment of His logic is guesswork. The God you attempt to present is totally humanized

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