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by David Turell @, Sunday, June 23, 2019, 14:31 (457 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: But their ideas easily fit my theories about God's actions. They never discuss God.

dhw: I originally asked you if ANYONE supported your hypothesis that your God specially designed every life form etc., and did so for the sole purpose of getting them to eat or not eat one another until he specially designed H. sapiens. Clearly Adler doesn’t and the ID-ers don’t. It would appear, then, that you are on your own.

Just as you use scientific opinions that fit your desires and extrapolate how intelligent cells might be, I have my own theories based on ID research.

DAVID (under “Immunity system complexity”) : Once again you are totally inconsistent. Either God can choose to evolve humans from bacteria or He shouldn't have. You can't have it both ways. Your 'logical theistic explanations' always humanize God.

dhw: 1 Once again you refuse to put your different hypotheses together. If God exists and evolution is true, then God chose to evolve ALL forms of life from bacteria. You keep ignoring the fact that your concept of evolution is that your God specially designed every single innovation, life form, lifestyle and natural wonder, including every step of human evolution. And so I keep asking why he would specially design millions of non-human life forms etc. if the only life form he wanted to specially design was us. […]

You refuse to accept the concept of God choosing to evolve life from bacteria to humans as a unitary process.

dhw: 2 How can you possibly know that your God does not have attributes in common with humans?

DAVID: 1: Evolving a future human from bacteria means all the stages and forms we see, including all the econiches for balance of food supply.

dhw: For “evolving” let us substitute what you actually mean: specially designing a human from bacteria apparently means specially designing different stages of human, plus billions of non-human life forms, econiches, lifestyles and natural wonders, such as dinosaurs, whale flippers, cuttlefish camouflage, monarch migration, the weaverbird’s nest, the salmon’s migratory reproductive system etc. Why do you think that “to get from bacteria to humans required special design of all the 'non-human elements'” extant and extinct, if your God was able to and did specially design every stage of human evolution, which apparently was the only thing he wanted? You know that there is no logical answer to this question, which is why you repeatedly skirt round it.

All econiches are required. God's goal of humans does not mean He didn't want to design everything on the way. You are the one separating evolution into parts. I don't, and never have. Your interpretation of God's use of evolution is a human view of God's mind. Quit
humanizing Him.

DAVID: 2. God may have some attributes humans have. We can only imagine about them. He is special and different than we are.

dhw: Nobody is claiming that if God exists, he is not special and different! We do not know your God’s nature, and so we can only speculate about it. Why, then, do you stick rigidly to a hypothesis for which you can find no logical explanation, and yet recognize the logic of my various theistic hypotheses, but dismiss them purely on the assumption that your God does NOT think with human-type logic?

God's difference is something you give lip service to, but do not fully understand as you constantly humanize His thinking. My view of His nature and yours are wildly different. Your God is described as half-human in thought.

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