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by dhw, Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 09:32 (414 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: Why you cannot accept my belief that God took complete charge of designing evolution, I cannot understand. It is my belief and makes perfect sense to me. You believe your humanized God wouldn't have done it that way. Tell me what you think He did.

What do you mean by “designing evolution”? According to you he specially designed every single life form, lifestyle and natural wonder. But according to you he had only one purpose, which was to design one particular species. THAT is what doesn’t make sense! I keep offering you different hypotheses concerning what he might have done, and you have found all of them perfectly logical. Do you really want me to repeat the list?

DAVID: You are arguing with my fixed belief of God's total control of evolution.

Yes indeed. The fact that it is your fixed belief does not make it logical or true.

DAVID: You refuse to accept the concept of God choosing to evolve life from bacteria to humans as a unitary process.

dhw: […] You refuse to accept the illogicality of your combination of hypotheses. Evolution does not mean special design of all life forms by God, or that they were all specially designed in order for him to specially design only one species! God’s choice could have been to create a mechanism enabling organisms to do their own creating, and THAT would logically explain the vast variety of life forms etc. which you cannot explain.

DAVID: I do explain it. You won't accept the importance of econiches for food supply. Only plants can make their own food.

Of course econiches are important for food supply. But that obvious fact does not explain why your God would specially design all these different econiches to feed millions of different life forms which he has specially designed, when according to you the only species he wanted to create and did eventually specially design was us.

DAVID: God's difference is something you give lip service to, but do not fully understand as you constantly humanize His thinking. My view of His nature and yours are wildly different. Your God is described as half-human in thought.

dhw: Do you fully understand the nature of God, then? How do you KNOW that despite your belief in his wanting a relationship with us, and his wanting us to admire his work, and his enjoying his own work like a painter enjoying his own paintings, he does NOT share any of the attributes of the creatures he designed?

DAVID: We can only suppose what He might share with us, or how close He is to us, or how much He might care about us. All guesses. Your list of my 'beliefs' is too strong. They are not certain beliefs but reasonable possibilities in his personality. We have no known facts as to why He created humans. All of theology is a house of cards. This is my true position as I decided He existed years ago.

We have no known facts concerning your God’s existence, let alone his nature. Reasonable possibilities are all we can offer, and your reasonable possibilities concerning his nature – which include my own proposal of enjoyment –are all humanizations. That does not mean they are wrong or that they do not fit in with the history of life as we know it. Your fixed belief that your God’s only purpose was to create humans, and that he specially designed millions of other life forms etc. so that they could eat or not eat one another until he specially designed humans, is a house of cards which apparently you alone have built and which collapses at the first touch of logic. Even you have “no idea” why your God would have chosen such a method to fulfil such a purpose.

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