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by David Turell @, Tuesday, September 03, 2019, 17:54 (385 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: His choice is not wrong!

dhw: I did not say his choice was wrong! It is your interpretation of his choice which may be wrong.

DAVID: Your reasoning constantly humanizes Him, because you are using human reasoning for Him.

dhw: And what sort of reasoning are you using when you tell us his choice was not to design the only thing he wanted to design? Does this illogicality mean you now reason like God?

See my quote about God and the need for humans to eat in both other threads. We need the threads combined by you.

DAVID: I try to understand why history happened as it did, assuming God is the Creator.

dhw: So do I. The difference between us is that you cannot understand your own explanation, whereas even you agree that you can understand my alternatives, but you happen to know that your God’s logic is different from ours.

I fully understand my explanations. It is possible God's logic is like ours, but what you refuse to recognize is we cannot know that for sure, so we must look at His works and interpret what He might have thought.

DAVID: ...but I have noted He uses evolution at all times with the universe, the Earth and with life, as evidence He prefers to evolve His creations.

dhw: As usual, you hide behind the word “evolve” and gloss over the rest of your theory.

DAVID: Again a total distortion. As God is the Creator, I have chosen to believe He chose to evolve everything, because that is what history tells us. 'Evolve' does not hide anything, as both of us believe in the process of evolution.

dhw: We both believe in common descent, but your “evolve” hides the fact that you believe your God specially designed every single innovation, life form etc., and did so for the sole purpose of getting organisms to eat or be eaten by one another until he could specially design various bits and pieces in various species of hominin and homo before he specially designed the bits and pieces that finally produced the only thing he wanted to design (his one and only purpose), which was H. sapiens. But according to you, this is not a roundabout way of achieving his one and only purpose, and although you have no idea why he chose this method of achieving his purpose, you do know that your own non-logic is God’s logic.

Evolve hides nothing since you know I believe God designs everything! The entire bush of life is required, as God certainly knew, as humans without the bush couldn't survive.

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