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by dhw, Saturday, May 11, 2019, 09:41 (453 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I've answered the issue of self-invention. God is too purposeful and in charge to allow freedom of action. That is my concept of God, but not yours, which allows Him to relinquish control.

dhw: Just as according to you he has relinquished control over the human will. Producing humans is hardly a purpose in itself unless there is a purpose for producing humans! But you don’t want to discuss God’s possible purposes on the grounds that this “humanizes” him! So we are left with the same old scenario: he only wanted to produce humans (don’t ask why) and he did this by not producing humans until he had produced loads and loads of non-humans to keep eating each other.

DAVID: Human will can do little to the underlying course of evolution. You are attempting to equate two very separate levels of control. You act as if we haven't discussed all of His possible reasons for producing free will humans. Anything more is more guesswork. Our free will is the result of our brain's ability to analyze and conceptualize and makes our living actions much less than automatically living as other animals do.

As usual, you have avoided the point of the analogy, which is your claim that your God does not wish to relinquish control. If he is prepared to let humans go their own way, why should he not be prepared to let evolution go its own way, perhaps in order to see where his experiment will lead, though always allowing for a dabble? Perhaps now you will respond to the point that relinquishing control could be part of a purpose, and that producing humans is hardly a purpose in itself without there being a purpose for producing humans!

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