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by David Turell @, Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 16:51 (114 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: My fixed belief is supported by the history we have uncovered. Humans are the current and possibly the last endpoint, and everyone has eaten or been eaten since the beginning. My fixed reason is entirely based on fact and logic.

dhw: Every organism eats, breathes, reproduces, lives and dies, and that is supposed to explain why your God specially designed the whale’s flipper, the monarch’s lifestyle and the weaverbird’s nest and 3.5 billion years’ worth of life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders, although his one and only purpose was to specially design H. sapiens! You repeatedly tell us that you have “no idea” why God chose your version of his method of fulfilling your version of his purpose (we are not “privy” to his reasons), so please don’t tell us now that it is based on fact and logic. Just stick to your blind faith in God’s logic being different from human logic, and we can leave it at that.

DAVID: If you accept my proposition that it is conceivable God chose to evolve all of life, and you have in the past, then my point in logical.

dhw: If God exists, then of course he chose to evolve the whole of life. But firstly by “evolve” you mean specially design, whereas I propose (theistic version) that he chose to create an autonomous inventive mechanism which enabled organisms themselves to run evolution and produce the whole of life as we know it. Secondly, even with your definition, your above statement does not tell us that he chose to specially design the whale’s flipper, the monarch’s lifestyle and the weaverbird’s nest for the one and only purpose of getting them all to eat or be eaten by one another until he evolved (= specially designed) Homo sapiens, which was the only thing he wanted to evolve = (specially design)! THIS is your complete theory, and you keep admitting that you have “no idea” why he would have chosen such a method to fulfil such a purpose, so please stop pretending that it is logical. Should be the end.

The two bolds in your statement are totally in conflict with each other. God 'Evolving the whole of life' must be considered as God designing each stage like whale flippers. And you keep distorting my 'no idea' which refers only to my point that I do not know why God chose evolution in the first place over direct creation. Your continual distortion of my position will keep this thread going. I will not be misrepresented.

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