Consciousness: not explained by panpsychism (General)

by David Turell @, Thursday, November 01, 2018, 17:34 (449 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: There is no logic in the argument that formless energy can BE conscious but cannot BECOME conscious.

DAVID: The concept is that one very special form of energy exists, like no other energy. God is not the same energy as all the other energy in the universe we know about. You keep forgetting that difference.

dhw: I’m reminded of Russell’s invisible teapot orbiting the sun. We can’t see it, but it must be there because you say it is. Anyway, you now propose a form of formless energy that CAN’T become conscious, and a different form of formless energy which IS conscious. Well, the concept I’ve proposed is a form of formless energy which CAN become conscious. Why is your hypothesis more logical than mine?

The difference is the purposeful drive of first cause. Free-floating energy is just that, free of anything except its existence.

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