Theodicy: the 'good' view of viruses (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 14:04 (24 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: But all eventualities are not correct. I have chosen what I think is correct, considering God as creator, and you haven't.

dhw: Of course they aren’t all correct, but they all consider God as creator. The difference between my theories and your theory is that you agree mine all fit in logically with life’s history, whereas you can’t find any logical explanation for yours.

As always: Believing God exists, He created evolution. Since based on belief, what is illogical? Your answer has to be belief in God is illogical.

Under “sensing autonomic activity

DAVID: My position differs. The ONLY system that could/would work allows for molecular errors. A rigid highly controlled system would be too sluggish to work. The current system allows free-floating molecules to act instantly in nanoseconds with no time for review and editing.

dhw: You keep confining the discussion to molecules, and you keep insisting that your all-powerful God was forced to create an imperfect system because of the conditions which he himself created. The “bad” of life is not confined to free-floating molecules! In the rest of this post, you continue to ignore the overall problem of the “bad”, and cling to your molecules:

But all the errors are molecular!!! I fully believe God produced the only system that can work and produce life. Bad actors in bacteria and viruses are 'bad' when acting in the wrong places, part of the freedom of action they have.

DAVID: God may simply create without a thought of love or caring. He may have added editing to stop molecular mistakes simply out of despair that the system could not be as perfect as He wished.

dhw: A wonderfully humanized God despairs at having been forced to create an imperfect system against his own wishes. But I accept that it is a possible solution to the theodicy problem: he is all-good but not all-powerful and was forced to create “bad” by circumstances beyond his own control.

God did not impose rigid controls on all organisms or their underlying molecular actions, because life cannot appear/emerge from that rigidity

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