Theodicy: solution lies in definition of God (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Saturday, September 25, 2021, 16:03 (324 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: I’ve just answered this, so why do you repeat it?

DAVID: To show our different God's personalities.

dhw: There is no difference in personality, since we agree that if he exists, he has a brilliant mind, has specific purposes, knows what he intends to do, and does it. The only differences lie in our theories concerning his intentions and his methods, and in the fact that while you agree that all my proposals fit in logically with the history of life, your own makes no sense even to you. (So you tell me to go and ask God for an explanation.)

DAVID: The differences in purposes ascribed to God by both of us are vastly different and result from totally different views of God, Himself. The bold above is a correct statement. The differences follow in intentions and methods.

dhw: Your view of God is that he has a brilliant mind, has specific purposes, knows what he intends to do, and does it. So is mine. And all my alternative views of his intentions and methods explain those parts of his work which your own views cannot explain.

Still avoiding the obvious differences in purpose and methods

DAVID:I believe God evolved us which makes us His goal.

dhw: But you believe your God also evolved [= designed] every other life form and food supply, including all those that had no connection with humans and their food, and so they must also have been his goal! Why would a purposeful God design them if he had no purpose for designing them?

DAVID: The huge hole in your logic is evolution happened. I believe God conducted it and so the history of evolution tells us what God did.

dhw: And what your God did, according to you, was design countless forms of life plus foods which had no connection with the only form of life plus food that he wanted to design!

Same confusion over what my theory really says: "The bold is your constant misinterpretation of my theory. God had humans as His ultimate goal. We were not 'his only want'. Everything He produced from our BB onward was part of His overall plan." From another thread today

DAVID: Our debate is about why did He do it that way, and my simple answer is that was His choice of a creation method.

dhw: Our debate is not about why he set up the process of evolution, but…see the bold, which as usual you go on month after month desperately trying to dodge.

I don't dodge. You persist in a strange misinterpretation of my interpretation of God's decision to produce us.

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