Theodicy: solution lies in definition of God (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, October 05, 2021, 16:00 (307 days ago) @ dhw

Irreducibly complex controls

dhw: As usual, you try to forget your own certainty that your God enjoys creation and watches his creations with interest.

DAVID: Your usual distortion of my thoughts about God. Not certain, just guesses!!! Offered in reply to your questioning.

Sorry, but I keep a record of certain statements and quote them, as follows:
“Back to theodicy” 9 March 2021: “God is in the business of creation and enjoys doing it or I think he would stop.”
“Theodicy” 7 December 2020: I’m sure He likes what he creates, and that He is satisfied in His results as the inventor.
“Theodicy”, 20 October 2020: “I’m sure he sees what is going on with his own level of interest, unknown to us.”

All guesswork, nothing more. Nothing is really sure about God. Not firmly believed.

DAVID: He designed evolution with direct intentionality to reach the production of sapiens.

dhw: His direct intentionality led to his designing life forms that had no connection with his intention, and that apparently is logical. The various alternative approaches I have proposed are all logical, according to you, and that makes them all totally illogical.[…]

Food supply is essential. Your theories fit your style of a humanized form of God who does not have defined purposeful goals.

DAVID: It is my contention that the entire bush is necessary to provide energy for all forms of life. It is all entirely an integrated system. All stages of evolution were necessary to produce us in a stepwise fashion. You are questioning my view of God's logic. I simply review the history He created to see obvious answers.

dhw: But what was the purpose of all those forms of life that had no connection with humans? Are you saying that your God individually designed every life form, econiche, strategy, natural wonder etc. just so that the animals etc. could eat one another before he designed humans?

Yes. And then we eat them.

dhw: How can “ALL stages of evolution have been necessary to produce us in a stepwise fashion” if most life forms had no connection with us? On another thread, you describe the trilobite with unique multiple eyes. How was that “necessary” to produce us?

Trilobites simply demonstrate the need for a designer. Is is simple to accept that God chose to evolve us in necessary stages. All evolution is connected in branching stages.

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