Theodicy (Introduction)

by dhw, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 12:46 (668 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: I suggest he didn’t attempt to correct the errors, but the attempts were made by good free cells trying to fight bad free cells, just as good free bacteria might try to fight bad free bacteria, while God watches with interest as they all try to master the challenges to their survival.

DAVID: Again you have a weak God who is a spectator.
And later:
DAVID: As above you want a weak God. My God designs all and I admit I don't know why He designed the bad bugs.

dhw: Then according to your logic, your God must be “weak” because he gave humans free will to practise good and evil, and because he watches us try to meet his challenges.

DAVID: That doesn't follow at all. Our free will affects us/fellow humans and the present time on Earth. god purposefully created the universe and all toe fine tuning.

If giving up control is a sign of weakness, then giving humans free will is a sign of weakness. This whole argument about “weakness” is plain silly. You yourself have made God into a spectator who watches us with interest, and if a free-for-all is what he wanted to create, then he got what he wanted, and who cares if you think that is a sign of “weakness”? We are not arguing about fine tuning etc. That applies whether you accept my proposal or not.

DAVID: Your take purposely makes God look weak. He is not weak. He knew life had to have the high-speed system it has with molecules free to make mistakes. Design of life is no small achievement, as you try to make it as you distort it in your interpretations.

I have never ever tried to make out that design of life is a small achievement! What sort of straw man is this? God creating a free-for-all because he wants a free-for-all does not minimize the achievement of creating life!

DAVID: I don't know what God needs but you offer a plethora of humanizing needs for Him.

dhw: In the above proposal, I have him giving cells/cell communities the freedom to design themselves as they meet what you call the “challenges”, and I have your God watching them with interest. What “plethora” of humanizing needs have you found in that proposal?

DAVID: Humanizing from all previous proposals written over the months. God designs, cells don't.

Please stick to this proposal, as our subject is theodicy, not my alternative theories to explain the course of evolution. And please stop making authoritative statements about cells, when you yourself admit that you have a 50/50 per cent chance of being wrong!:-)

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