Magic embryology: placental role in diet and oxygen (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, January 20, 2019, 12:30 (1256 days ago) @ David Turell

QUOTES: "Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri said: "The study analysed how mitochondria in the placenta may alter their function to support both the needs of the placenta and the rapidly growing fetus during a healthy pregnancy, and when the mother is challenged by a less desirable environment. (dhw’s bold)

"'We found that in the placenta, mitochondria have a remarkable ability to adapt and compensate for environmental impacts such as when women are living in low oxygen areas at high altitude and not eating enough of a healthy diet during pregnancy." (dhw’s bold)

"Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri explained: "Mitochondria in the placenta work out how to use oxygen and nutrients in the most efficient way so there is still sufficient for transfer to the fetus even in challenged pregnancies.." (dhw’s bold)

DAVID: The evolution of uterine/placental birth was a tremendous advance in reproduction and I know of no research explaining how it might have evolved. [The placenta] had to appear designed for all its functions when uterine pregnancy appeared. Only a designer can create this type of evolutionary advance.

We need to be clear about the subject of design. Do you mean that your God included placenta changes in the complete set of instructions given to the first cells but not included in the passive code of DNA, or that he personally dabbled each variation? Or could it be that he gave all cells/cell communities the autonomous ability to work out their own variations?

DAVID’s comment (under plant root branching controls:) Life' s processes always require specifically design protein molecules. I have previously entered research on root receptors that guide where to grow for water and nutrients. Always a series of protein molecules reacting automatically in a standardized progression.

But since DNA is a passive code, and you agree that the organism uses DNA to make the proteins it requires, do you not think it possible that your God gave plant cells the autonomous ability to make the proteins they require – or were these preprogrammed or divinely dabbled. (Please bear in mind that were are talking about how all these processes arose in the first place: once a successful system has been established, of course it will be repeated automatically until things go wrong and there are new problems to solve.)

Under Hermit crab penises

QUOTE: He hypothesized that larger penises may have evolved in this species, which uses extensively remodeled shells and for which sex is particularly dangerous, to minimize the distance they need to come out of their shells in order to mate.

So what do you reckon? Your God, in order to be able to design Homo sapiens, 1) preprogrammed the crab’s large penis 3.8 billion years ago (but not in the DNA, which is simply a passive code); 2) did a dabble?;or 3) do you think it’s possible that he gave the cell communities of the crab the autonomous ability to enlarge its penis in order to improve its chances of survival?

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