Magic embryology: placenta maintains symmetry (Introduction)

by dhw, Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 13:33 (1422 days ago) @ Balance_Maintained

David’s comment: In placental embryology the control systems have to be designed, when one recognizes that there is no competition for survival of the fittest as Darwin proposes. The fetus is in as safe place for its development and that development must have feedback loop controls. From my standpoint embryology is a complete refutation of Darwin style chance evolution.

TONY: And there is no other way to explain that mechanism than design. Fascinating.

DAVID: (Under "plant immunity") Immunity processes are necessary from the appearance of any organism, or infections will run roughshod over then and they will not survive. Only design can do this.

Thank you for these extremely illuminating articles. I have complete sympathy with the comments you both make about design, but how would you both feel if every time you mentioned design as opposed to chance, I redressed the balance by repeating the following exchange (taken from “pointy eggs”)?

Dhw: The choice is between your magically intelligent God and magically intelligent matter, either innately intelligent – panpsychism – or having originated by chance, though in both cases evolving. “Logically I strongly doubt” any form of magic, which is why I am an agnostic, but as I keep admitting, I am wrong one way or the other.

DAVID: Granted, and logical.

DAVID: (under "Junk DNA”): There is very little junk DNA, to the disappointment of Darwinists.

Another of your mantras repeated ad nauseam, so let me repeat ad nauseam that the less junk DNA there is, the more evidence we have of natural selection at work, whereby what is useful survives, which would be to the delight of Darwinists who realized it.

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