A THEORY OF INTELLIGENCE Part Two; addendum (Identity)

by David Turell @, Sunday, July 15, 2018, 17:16 (690 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I/soul initiate thought into wet ions, where they become electrical charges. They come out from the wet ions as intelligible thought. This is the process you keep skipping in your separatist approach to soul/brain mechanisms. This is what we don't understand, but we know it haoppens.

dhw: I had no idea that your English-speaking thoughts were unintelligible to your English-speaking soul until your English-speaking soul had "initiated them into wet ions" (no chance then of the afterlife soul thinking intelligible thoughts), which then brought them back to your English-speaking soul to translate them back into the English in which they started (though since last week apparently the thoughts coming out of the wet ions are intelligible, in which case they don’t need to be translated after all).

Finally. Welcome to my thinking for the first time. We know full well we think with our brain. The hard issue has always been how are wet ions running round between neurons translatable into understandable immaterial thought. I have always proposed the soul has a mechanism for doing that. It develops the thought using the wet ions and then at the finish it brings the thought out into our minds which also are immaterial, but which we can reach through the soul. In death, rejoining the universal consciousness, it has the new mechanism of telepathy to handle thought translation.

dhw: The dualist’s soul uses the brain to provide the information it thinks about (why have you left that out?). Example of information provided by brain: me hungry, me see living meat. The soul initiates the concept of a spear. It therefore uses the brain and body to construct a spear, but then the brain supplies more information (spear no kill living meat; something wrong with concept), and so the soul does some more thinking (i.e. develops the thought: need sharper stone, longer shaft, better aim) and sends more instructions to the brain to do more implementing, and so on until the thought or concept is complete and the material implementation is complete (spear kill animal). That is how the dualist’s soul “uses the dualist’s brain to develop thought”: two parts of the self – the thinking part (soul) and the information-gathering, expressing/implementing part (brain) working in harmony.

DAVID:In all of this hominin exposition you have not said the soul uses the brain's networks to produce and think the thoughts about the spear.

Yes I have, and I have told you HOW the soul uses the brain.

DAVID: You have the soul imparting thought to the brain.

Yes, and I also have the brain supplying the soul with the information it thinks about.

DAVID: That is your 'interlock' concept. As for the source of information, I've said over and over the brain supplies all of the five sensory details needed.

dhw: Yes. So what’s the problem? The soul gathers information from the brain and then sends instructions to the brain to express/implement its thoughts. What other use does the soul make of the brain (apart from your new and unintelligible wet ion translation theory)?

My wet ions are reality. The soul uses those wet ion to create and produce thought. That is the material side of dualism

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