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DAVID: Do you think the development of a concept simply springs into existence as only a 'eureka' moment. Thinking through a puzzle requires contemplation over time.

dhw: Another straw man. By definition, how can the "development" of a concept “spring into existence”? The “eureka” moment is what you have called the initiation of the thought (e.g. the spear), but the development and completion of the thought depend on an ongoing process, in which the dualist’s brain provides information and material expression, while the dualist’s soul does the continual processing. And once again, “expression of thought” does not mean “development of thought” – which is the point you have tried to avoid.

But the point I am making to use your words, "the dualist's soul does the continual processing" BY USING the brains networks! That is the brain's contribution that you keep looking for.

DAVID: There may well be the thought I'm confused. Have you forgotten my self is my immaterial me using my material brain networks to think and produce immaterial thought.

dhw: You may well be confused if you have forgotten that I keep telling you the dualist’s soul produces immaterial thought, using the material brain for information and material expression, and that I keep asking you wha

Answered above.

DAVID (article on autism): More proof you have to work with the brain you/soul are given.

dhw: Yes of course you do! Nobody ever said that a dualist can swap brains! But if the brain determines how you behave and how you think, you have a good case for materialism.

The brain can only transmit proper thought if it is well. A sick brain transmits sick thought, which shows a soul must use the brain to create the thought that is to be expressed..

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