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Tony: It's been proven that neural wiring differences (dopamine response and grey matter thickness) lead to introverted and extroverted personality types. Imagine having one computer that was good at abstract problem solving, a task that uses up a lot of CPU time, versus one that was good at real-time reaction and logic. The hardware would be different, the capabilities would be different, the response times would be different. Yet, the user only gets the machine they get. There are no exchanges. Like any good game, the user can increase certain attributes through activity (training, learning, eating, etc), and also like any good game, some attributes could not be altered. The machine is wired the way it is wired and built the way it is built.

You have taken up my side of the discussion in that a genius brain certainly supplies the ability/substrate for advanced intelligence for the soul to work with. And you correctly point out the ability to alter that ability. The soul can only work with the brain it is given. And it has to work with that specific brain. In that sense, the newborn 'blank slate' has a definite starting point, different in each individual.

Tony: You two are brilliant debaters and your debates have raised very interesting questions over the years that have viable venues for research. It would be great to get some research scientists, or perhaps current college professors in on these discussions? You never know how a question asked in innocence or spite can change the world.

Not that brilliant. The brain research is hampered by certain obvious limitations. Open brain studies can occur only during neurosurgery, but scalp sensors are being refined all the time. and mini-brains grown in cultures can give some insights.

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