by dhw, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 13:02 (791 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I agree we are close. God could certainly have the cells produce our consciousness, rather than simply giving us the mechanism. See the video I've presented today. we live in God's consciousness and my views of quantum mechanics prejudice my views.

dhw: I don’t know how quantum mechanics can be made to support any view regarding the origin or nature of consciousness, the existence or non-existence of an immaterial “soul”, or indeed the existence or non-existence of the conscious immaterial mind you call God. According to the video, nothing is real until and unless we observe it, and presumably even then it disappears once we stop observing it. But that is a minor point in the history of the AgnosticWeb compared to your acceptance that my theory might be true. If so, it resolves all the issues and contradictions we have been discussing on so many threads. (See “Introducing the brain”).

DAVID: I admit I can see the possibility that either mechanism for the arrival of consciousness is possible, but for me with an open mind, I must recognize the possibility of both. Since I believe in universal consciousness through God, I then must make a choice of which mechanism is most likely. So I side with the possibility that it is given by God to the brain. I note your idea is possible, but based on a material source in that it arises from the brain. I would think it more likely that consciousness exists in the universe and is always immaterial and never arising de novo from material sources.

Your recognition that both processes are possible is good enough for me, as it acknowledges that you can find no flaws in my reasoning. Unfortunately, the debate continues under “Introducing the brain”.

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