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TONY: I think perhaps this discussion could use a dose of computing knowledge.

Although as usual the vocabulary is foreign to me, I love the intricacies of the argument. In my terms it all means that there is no such thing as a soul, and all organisms consist solely of materials, but these are individually “wired” to give us our individual personalities. There is therefore no limit to what science may be able to discover and accomplish since all materials are accessible to science. In the context of dualism versus materialism, you are a materialist, and your God has constructed mechanisms that enable his machines to think autonomously and individually. This fits in perfectly with the first, materialist section of my theory. (The second part of my theory attempts to reconcile this view with psychic experiences and the concept of the immaterial soul.) But I can understand perfectly well if a theist who believes in an immaterial reality (God) regards the mystery of consciousness and the countless psychic experiences that have been verified by events as a sign that the material world we know is NOT the only reality. Hence the agreement between David and myself that there are things “we can never know”. We can only hope to know them IF your materialism is correct (and science can give us the answers) or IF David’s version of theism is correct and there IS such a thing as an immortal soul!

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