by David Turell @, Monday, May 28, 2018, 15:10 (803 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You obviously do not understand my theory. I view the soul as having a thought mechanism which is different in life and in death and is a quantum immaterial entity as its basis.

dhw: No, I don’t understand your theory. I keep asking you what is the difference between an immaterial thinking soul (or piece of your God’s consciousness) in life and an immaterial thinking soul in death, apart from the fact that in life it uses the material brain to provide information and to express/implement its immaterial thoughts materially, whereas in death (a different world) it will have to observe and communicate by different (psychic) means. Please explain what other form of “thought mechanism” you are referring to. The word “quantum” explains nothing, and in any case I presume it would apply to the soul in both situations.

The rest of your post revolves around the same question.

What not to understand? I propose the soul has two operating mechanisms, one in life, one in death. Alternative software. In leaving the body it joins God's universal consciousness and changes its operative mode. You want a static soul mechanism in life and death. I let God in, you don't. My soul in theory remains the same personality just as yours does.

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