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Don't misinterpret me. I do not believe in an immortal soul, as such, but there is something driving the machine for sure.

As far as the limitations that apply to the amount of control over personality, perhaps a perspective shift is in order.

Often when a person buys a car, they pick based on self-image. There car reflects some aspect of their latent personality and needs.

After the sale, however, the benefits and limitations of the vehicle begin to exert a sort of pressure on the driver. Muscle car drivers will speed or cruise more, binding their self image more deeply. The stereotypical American soccer mom with all the safety features will tend to drive even more safely. Soccer mom in a minivan won't win a street race, so she is less likely to even try. The vehicle limits the drivers options, and the driver conforms and adapts. The in turn invests something of their personality into the vehicle... Audio/video/upholstery/tires/rims/etc

This push and pull continues until either equilibrium is reached or death prevents further growth. Worse, due to the deterioration of age, we a forced to acclimate to greater and greater limitations.

Yes, your body can place limitations on personality based on physical limitations. These limitations have hard limits, however, there is an amazing amount of variability within those limits. Male/Female, Introvert/extrovert, etc. These have real, physiological counter-parts in the body. Introverts process dopamine differently, females have less testosterone.. These things both limit and inform the driver, just like knowing how may rpms you can run an engine up to before it blows up.

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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