Genome complexity: DNA repair mechanisms (Introduction)

by BBella @, Saturday, October 31, 2015, 20:58 (1420 days ago) @ BBella

dhw; Just to remind you of our starting point: I have suggested that cellular intelligence is the driving force behind evolution,

David: To remind you, It is cellular information provided by intelligence

dhw: [bbella] David, for me, the above sentence is the whole crux of the matter in this discussion. Why so adamant to say "provided by"? Is it not more probable intelligence and information are two sides of the same coin always existing together being what IS? "Provided by" makes it sound as if at some point in time information didn't exist. That makes no sense. What is intelligence without information? In my view - nothing.

I agree intelligence and information are intertwined. To create anything that survives the requirements of nature requires planning, which requires intelligence. Therefore intelligence creates the planning information for the new development.

Bbella: I would put it: Therefore intelligence uses information for new developments. Do you think that would be saying the same thing?

Which is cart and which is horse? Only intelligence can make useful information for the function of processes such as life. I think the function then is automatic by following the information plans.

The way I see it, intelligence doesn't "make" or create information it uses information to make/create life and whatever IS. Information - or all that IS, is eternal "material" in a sense, that intelligence uses to create What IS.

To be more (or less) clear: Information is the patterns created by intelligence that arises from the Quantum level to become what IS.

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