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by dhw, Monday, May 10, 2021, 13:04 (464 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: If you accept we are in total disagreement about the necessary parts of past evolution and never bring up the subject again in any other related discussions I will stop telling you you are illogical on this aspect of evolutionary history study.

dhw: No deal. There is no way I can possibly accept that I am the one who is being illogical when I ask you for a reason why your God would specially design millions of life forms, food bushes, lifestyles, natural wonders etc., 99% of which had no connection with humans, if his only goal was to design humans.

DAVID: So only I must remain 'illogical'. You want to keep pounding your illogical approach to evolution. Fine. The 'never ending' will continue. Both your fixed belief and mine will continue on to buffeting each other.

I do not have a fixed belief, but offer various alternatives, all of which you have acknowledged ARE logical. This dispute is over your own fixed belief that in order to design the only thing he wanted to design (humans and their food supply), your God designed millions of life forms, econiches, food supplies, natural wonders etc., 99% of which had no connection with humans. For reasons I cannot fathom, you keep repeating that you have no idea why your God would have “evolved” (= designed) humans in this way and yet you still continue to insist that it is logical and I am at fault in questioning your logic! I respectfully suggest that unless you have suddenly found a logical explanation for the above theory, we agree that you will not budge from your fixed belief and so we should leave it at that.

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