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by xeno6696 @, Sonoran Desert, Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 00:07 (549 days ago) @ David Turell

Well, I've listened to the first half so far, and thank goodness for dhw's entry. I gather He doesn't like secular materialism poking its head into revered teachings. As for reincarnation, it seems to me reincarnating oneself in this life to be at peace with oneself is very reasonable. Trying to propose one becoming someone else but yet the same in continuity requires one's consciousness/self to enter a new brain. This is directly equivalent the concept of NDE's and a form of dualism with a material brain hosting an immaterial consciousness. If I am now the continued result of someone else, who was that? Me in an earlier form? I'm not making fun in any way. I find the whole basis of that tenet as unreasonable. What I hope for is your clear responses. Ill comment further with time for further listening.

I don't have a full explanation for you yet but in my own research I found this:

That doesn't quite get to the reincarnation question just yet BUT the observation that when you study your consciousness far enough you realize that the true self is actually "empty" (the mind naturally stills itself after meditation and it's that state of the mystics where the Buddha's path really begins.)

So more or less, what we take as consciousness relies on causes and conditions and should be thought of as no different than the death of our own bodies.

\"Why is it, Master, that ascetics fight with ascetics?\"

\"It is, brahmin, because of attachment to views, adherence to views, fixation on views, addiction to views, obsession with views, holding firmly to views that ascetics fight with ascetics.\"

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