Pointy eggs and whales (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, September 15, 2018, 23:36 (563 days ago) @ GateKeeper

GK: I do wonder, I am a science guy. I wonder every day of my life. I just understand that we do not know and will not know for some time. I actually don't care as much as I used to, the discoveries in the last ten years point the universe being life itself. we are just part of an endless series of events. (my bold)

the universe is quantum computing right now, in fact, it is quantum computing you and me. The question is "did it self-organize?" or "Does it have surroundings that formed it in the same manner the biosphere formed us?" both are unknowns, I accept that, but I do wonder.

David: I wonder about your statement that we are a result of an endless series of events. Are you accepting an eternal universe?

GK: lol, the quantum computing you and I is far more interesting, and its based on Knowns. I have no idea if the universe is eternal. whats eternal? 10^100 years? 10^1000^100000 years? eternal is a very, very, long time.

any guess on eternal or finite is based on unknowns.

David: OK, you wonder but don't make guesses

GK: in terms of eternal and finite, there is no pick one or the other. We can speculate on "if it's finite" and we can speculate on "if it is internal". both are equally valid at this point.

I can come up with a storyline for both. They are both valid because they are both based on unknowns. The one thing I can speculate on is our place in the region of space/time around our planet. I don't know how we got here past "star stuff" and it looks like we are formed from the biosphere.

If I had to make a guess, I think, "living" formed/produced us.

David And you lightly skip over origin of life from an inorganic universe and Earth. How do you get to 'living'?

GK: lol, no, we don't know how life started. so let's start there.

there is nothing light about it. I am not sure we came from non-life. I think people just take the easy way out and think that atoms are like little marbles that form life. They are not little marbles. They are a complex set of interactions.

the universe is moving from more information to less information. The end being just photons not interacting with each other. So that implies the information on this planet came from a larger set of information.

lmao, There is nothing light about it.

**edit** less information per unit volume I should say.

And, of course, I might ask where the 'larger set of information' came from. Your statement about origin of life implies we might have come from life. How so? We see early life coming on a rocky inorganic planet which had to see life originate to develop the organic mass of living material we now see. I'm not taking any easy way out in looking at OOL. And finally there may well be an entropy of the universe, but living matter practices homeostasis with consumption of energy totally opposite to the universe it lives in. Why did it appear? Obviously when the universe ends, life ends. But where was any life before the universe appeared? My bolded statement of yours still implies an eternal universe, no origin; if that is true there has to be an infusion of information each time a universe starts up.

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