Pointy eggs and whales (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, September 14, 2018, 15:41 (745 days ago) @ GateKeeper

David: Seven days is only Biblical. Those of us here accept billions of years since the theoretical Big Bang. You are the perfect passive agnostic, happy not knowing and happy not to know. Fine with me. This website is perfect for you.

GK: Happy, sad, or any other emotion doesn't play into it. I am actually a little bummed about not knowing. I have accepted I die not knowing how the universe started and how life started.

What I do is check claims against what we do know. Claims that offer an explanation, mechanism, make predictions, and are repeatable are more valid than those that don't. That's it for me.

so, god claims, like biblical, ones don't hold up. Deny everything just isn't valid. I mean its ok to say peoples claims are not valid but I feel we should offer a counter claims if we are concerned about it to the point of visiting forums about this topic. Yeah, you guys do a great job. You guys seem to genuinely want to know how the universe works. other places are about pushing a statement of belief about god (yes or no)

I am happy with the notion that we are in the biosphere. The best descriptor I have seen for the biosphere is "life". I have a measurement and calculation that support that stance being the best I can do.

it offers an explanation for "spiritual people", they are feeling the life around them and it's much bigger than them. The mechanism is the stand model (homeostasis and many others). The biosphere as life predicts evolutionary changes. And the biggie, I can give my conclusion to people anywhere and they can record what they see. trained people understand it as valid.

I am in no way claiming "consciousness" yet. I see what people are saying. I can support that claim via the standard model, chemistry, physics, and biology, but for now, I just think we are surrounded by "alive" and some theist are misrepresenting and misunderstanding that and calling it this god thing.

I actually am more appalled with people that deny such a notion because of a fear of religion. Why would people suppress such a simple notion because they are afraid of theist?

In this way we are similar. I don't accept any religion's interpretation of God's role in reality. I have my own.

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