Pointy eggs and whales (Evolution)

by Balance_Maintained @, U.S.A., Friday, September 14, 2018, 02:31 (667 days ago) @ GateKeeper

Gatekeeper: you are correct. The traits (description) of this god thing are in question.

I feel claims that offer an explanation, a mechanism, make predictions, and are repeatable are more valid than those that don't.

There comes a point beyond which you can not experiment, and never will be able to. This is the point of faith. No matter what you believe, when you reach that point you must answer the question in your own mind and heart. Science is our evidence in this spiritual court of law. It is the evidence that we have to work with. DHW thinks that you can not make a choice, and hence a good agnostic. However, not making a choice is also a choice. The choice is binary. Do you have faith (the assured expectation of things to come though not beheld) in materialisticality, or in spirituality. Note, this is religiously agnostic.

Talking about the start of the universe is pointless in settling "my god" and "my anti-god" debates. That conversation begins and ends with 'something started it or nothing started it." both have absolutely nothing supporting them. lol, "nothing" supporting them, too funny.

Actually, that isn't quite true, which is the problem. We had information. A quanta is not nothing; no matter how elegant the math, it is a quanta, and that is something, if only information of it's existence. Think about that. It only had information of its own existence. That it was not nothing, it was a quanta. Then there were quantum fluctuations, energy organizing, more and more rapidly, until suddenly, they reached a critical informational mass, suddenly making the transition from quanta into organized energy. When that singularity hit critical density, it transitioned from energy to matter, emanating outward. All of the rules of our system follow similar principles. Sub-atomic particles attach to each other, forming stable bonds and becoming atomic. Atoms for strong bonds and become molecules. And so on and so forth throughout the entirety of creation. A steady progression of periods of stability through strong and weak bonds, and creative chaos through the breaking of these bonds, like the shifting of synapses.

Nothing freaks me out more than "nothing" so lean toward 'something". Again, to your point, let's describe this 'something". We can only start by describing where we are in "space/time". I personally limit the discussion to 50 AU's.

Space, time, mass, energy, and information.

How do we describe the system we are in to help us determine if spiritual people are more valid or less valid than those that make claims against them. I guess I am lucky, I have no stake in the answer. the universe is way cool the way it is, I don't care what some atheist or some theist try and push off as more 'real". Real is, what real is. statements of belief do not determine how the universe works for me.

No, but belief informs action. Sometimes it frees you to take action, sometimes it prohibits actions, and sometimes it simply alters which action you take. Belief also changes your perspective. This is not to assign any particular morality to any particular ideological sect, but merely to say that what you believe to be true influences your behaviors.

the god-thing as some literalist teach is far less valid. Creating the earth in 7 days is embarrassing to me. If that god exists, I mean he wouldn't care, but it would have to be funny to him. I can see him saying "I wrote the rock record, its the only thing you have in my handwriting, and you ignored it!" but I digress.

The 'seven day' this is not even something bible scholars would agree with, since the hebrew word literally means 'period of time'. A better english translation might be 'epoch'. But then, the hebrew language didn't handle abstract words well.

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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