DAVID: Cosmology: milky way size is enormous (Introduction)

by dhw, Thursday, July 11, 2019, 10:15 (99 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: […] please don’t tell us that ID supports your theory.

DAVID: But it does, as it supports design by all God does, even though His name is not allowed to be mentioned. I remind, my theory is an extrapolation of their theory.

dhw: Your theory is composed of several hypotheses.

DAVID: My theory has one basic starting point: God chose to evolve humans by the process in historical evidence.

The basic starting point is (a) the existence of God, and (b) God’s purpose in starting life, which according to you was the creation of H. sapiens. But since you insist that (c) your God specially designed every single life form, lifestyle and natural wonder extant and extinct, I suggest that is also basic. I am happy to accept your argument that ID supports (a). It does not support (b) or (c).

dhw: The only part of it that ID supports is the belief that life is the product of intelligent design.

DAVID: And that can include design of all animal forms.

And as I pointed out, it can include every single alternative theistic hypothesis I offered you. But ID does not support any of them:
dhw: Every single theistic alternative that I have offered to your theory is also an extrapolation of that theory. But ID does not support the theory that a God designed an autonomous creative mechanism, or a God experimented in order to create H. sapiens, or a God only thought of H. sapiens late on in life’s history, or a God specially designed every life form because he enjoyed creating,

DAVID: These theories of yours are simply humanized interpretation of God's intentions, not at all related to ID.

I have just said that ID does not support these theories (“extrapolations” from the argument for design), and I finished off the list with your own unsupported theory:

dhw: or – your theory - a God created every life form because he “had to” spend 3.5 billion years getting them to eat or not eat one another until he designed H. sapiens, and H. sapiens was the only thing he wanted to design.

DAVID: Distortion: My view is God chose to evolve humans over time. Never 'had to'.

ID does not support “God chose to evolve humans over time” either. But I have been quoting your “had to” for weeks. For example: exchange on 28 June at 10.08:

DAVID: You are trying to deny God knew what He had to do to get from bacteria to humans.
dhw: I am trying to deny that your God “had to” specially design millions of non-human life forms extant and extinct in order to specially design humans. Even you can’t tell us why he “had to” do it this way. So maybe there was another reason for designing them all, or maybe he didn’t design them all.

In any case, quite understandably, you have “no idea” why he would have “chosen” to fulfil his one and only purpose of designing H. sapiens by first specially designing millions of other life forms extant and extinct (= your interpretation of evolution). Or are you going to deny ever having said that too?

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