Cosmology: milky way size is enormous (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, June 10, 2019, 15:03 (102 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Your argument makes no sense. Since I believe God chose to evolve humans over time, the evolutionary tree/bush is His creation and therefore makes sense.

dhw: A complete non sequitur, because you keep telling us that the production of H. sapiens was your God’s one and only purpose. Why, then, did he specially design the rest of the non-human evolutionary bush, extant and extinct?

You keep distorting my view: God had the goal of creating humans, bu t b y choosing the method of evolution, of course He had to create everything in advance.

DAVID: I fully understand that concept. You appear not to. I have pointed out that God chooses to evolve. That is His choice. I can't tell you why God chose that approach, but He created a universe and evolved it. He chose a special galaxy and evolved it. He created a special planet and evolved it. He created life and then evolved it. Always the same consistent pattern. The bolded phrase in your comment is a gross misstatement of my position!

dhw: As usual, you gloss over the beliefs that create the illogicality of your thinking. Yes, if your God exists, and if you believe in evolution, then he chose evolution as his method of producing all the above. But in this discussion I am not questioning God’s existence or the reality of evolution. Quite simply: If you can’t tell us why he would specially design all the non-human elements of evolution extant and extinct when his one and only purpose was to design humans, then there may be something wrong with your combination of hypotheses.

As above. To get from bacteria to humans required all the 'non-human elements'.

DAVID’s comment (under "backwards retina":) Never question God's designs as wrong!

dhw: But we should constantly question interpretations of your God’s purposes and methods that are manifestly illogical, such as the special design of small galaxies in order to specially design one large galaxy capable of supporting life in order to specially design H. sapiens. Or the special design of the salmon’s migratory reproductive system so that the salmon may eat or be eaten until your God can specially design H. sapiens.

DAVID: See above. God creates and evolves. You have twisted this discussion from specific design to methods of creation. Shame on you. Off point of the retinal report.

dhw: The subject under discussion on this thread is not the efficiency of individual designs but why your always-in-total-control God should have created small galaxies (and the salmon’s migratory reproductive system) if his one and only intention was to create H. sapiens. I am not questioning the efficiency of the retina design, but am pointing out that it is completely irrelevant to the discussion we are having on your God’s motives and methods: the special design of all organs and organisms for the sole purpose of specially designing H. sapiens.

All parts of his evolutionary designs

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