bacterial (cellular) intelligence shown to be DNA driven (Animals)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 14:40 (952 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: As usual, those cells have an appearance of intelligence, because their internal mechanism is so complex and complete and so efficient. Once designed and developed, God had no need to dabble further.

dhw: Good. Out goes dabbling, and we skate over 3.8 billion years’ worth of computer programmes plus however many more billion years of new experiences are left. Frankly, I don’t think merely having the appearance of intelligence would suffice to cover billions of years of new experiences from which the cells must learn. But once your God had designed an internal mechanism which could autonomously take its own decisions based on the information it processed through billions of years, I agree there would have been no need for him to dabble. Dabbling would only be necessary if the cells did not have the autonomous intelligence to process all the information and take the appropriate decisions.

DAVID: Yes, the immune cells have the intelligent information to make new antibodies as needed and protect us.

dhw: A truly remarkable discovery. Cells do not have such hallmarks of intelligence as learning by experience, communicating with one another, taking decisions etc. It is information that learns by experience, communicates (presumably with other information) and takes the decisions that lead to new antibodies. And scientists should test information to see how intelligently it responds to new problems.

The cells have all the hallmarks of intelligence, because they contain intelligently designed mechanisms to react to pathogens and create precise antibodies. All life operates on information and with purpose.

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