Explaining natural wonders (Animals)

by David Turell @, Monday, September 19, 2016, 23:25 (1180 days ago) @ BBella

DAVID: My concept totally differs: a new species has new parts or new mechanisms which are coordinated. This must be planned in advance. If punctuated equilibrium is the rule, there is no other way. I firmly believe your concept of conscious intelligence to create new species resides in God. As an example the current compliment of 200 dog types don't look like wolves, but they really still are, and human intelligence did that. No one knows how new species happen naturally.

dhw: Of course new species have new parts or mechanisms that are coordinated. No difference between our concepts. “Planned in advance” requires explanation. In advance of what?

David: How are new parts coordinated unless planned in advance of them being put into play as modified organisms.

BBella: Why planning in advance the only option, David? All organisms could just as well have a morphogenic field intrinsically connected with all other fields, so that if any advances or changes are to be processed, organisms themselves could coordinate instantly, if needs be, or incrementally with ALL other fields to advance the new change that will work best, not only for that which needs the change, but for ALL within the closed fields and beyond.

Morphogenic fields guide form creation, other fields could guide protein planning, and from my viewpoint God contributed all the fields. Should we assume the fields appeared by chance?

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