bacterial intelligence shown to be DNA driven (Animals)

by David Turell @, Monday, October 16, 2017, 15:17 (1077 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You didn’t know if Shapiro disagreed with you. I showed you that he does, as do the other experts you kindly quoted. My point was that if there is no consensus among the experts, one should not reject the possibility that Shapiro & Co are right, which leaves open the possibility that (perhaps God-given) cellular intelligence is the driving force behind evolution.

DAVID: Cellular intelligence, unsourced, is not possible, therefore you offer God. Biochemical molecules simply lying about are simply that, a pile of molecules. Organized to create living organisms they maintain homeostatic life, which I view as a miracle. 'God given' is still God if slightly removed from direct action.

dhw: Yes indeed, my hypothesis offers the possibility of your God as the source of autonomous cellular intelligence, and so leaves most of the “action” to the organisms themselves, while still allowing for occasional direct action if your God wishes to dabble. Up until now, you have bitterly opposed the very concept of cellular intelligence. However, your final statement offers an extraordinary new approach:

DAVID: If you could supply a logical source for the cellular intelligence without God I might accept your theory.

dhw: This doesn’t make sense! Why is the hypothesis of cellular intelligence only acceptable to you, a theist, if I can show that God is NOT the source? Do you think he is incapable of inventing such a thing?

Yes, I make sense of your hypothesis. Of course God can give cells the appearance of intelligence with complete instructions for all stimuli responses, which in bacteria are a very short list: go for food sensed, avoid danger signals, put out antibiotic chemicals, sense crowds, simply cooperate with them in mats. Did bacteria develop these reactions on their own from the first cells, whose start you can't answer. I'm with God.

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