Explaining natural wonders: bacterial intelligence (Animals)

by David Turell @, Saturday, June 17, 2017, 19:33 (702 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: We were discussing the specific issue of cellular intelligence, to which I added your anthropocentric theory of evolution, and you said your ID scientists agreed with you. It would seem from your answer that they don’t.

DAVID: They do agree with me. cellular function is designed by God and is automatic.

dhw: At least this is a more direct answer. The hypothesis that cellular function is designed by God is not the issue, since my hypothesis of cellular intelligence also allows for God being its designer. Even if all the ID scientists do indeed support your claim that there is no such thing as cellular intelligence, that is still a subjective conclusion, since other scientists disagree. I notice you have not mentioned any agreement with your anthropocentric theory of evolution, whereby whales are inexplicably prepared for entry into the water for the sake of producing humans.

You ask for ID specifics about evolution. They believe a designer created life. They totally disagree with Darwin and some of them do not believe in evolution. They present valid science to support their conjectures. Whales are the result of my analysis.

DAVID: It is interesting that you do not accept belief in God but you know his mind better than I do, when both of us are just guessing from existing evidence.

dhw: Of course I don’t know his mind better than you do. I have offered three alternative readings of his mind, two of which are exclusively theistic and actually focus on humans as a special purpose. The third makes full allowance for the existence of a god and also for humans as a special purpose. However, you reject them all and insist that your own particular anthropocentric guess is the only one worth considering, although it doesn’t make sense even to you.

Our disagreement is anthropocentrism. We are conscious with consciousness. God is consciousness. Since we share that with Him, we are his purpose. That is my logical reasoning, which makes perfect sense to me. We disagree about why the bush of life looks like it does. You want internal drives for evolutionary change. I prefer God as an external drive

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