Explaining natural wonders (Animals)

by dhw, Sunday, September 25, 2016, 12:41 (910 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I've never said cells do not act intelligently. They do so by using intelligent instructions/information they contain.

dhw: The theistic choice, then, is between 1) your God instructing the frillfin goby on how to create cognitive maps so that life could go on until humans appeared, and 2) your God giving the frillfin goby the ability to work it out on its own without any further input from God in the form of guidance/guidelines, computer programmes, intelligent instructions/ information. I will never understand why you insist on 1) and cannot bear the thought of 2). I hope that is clear now.

DAVID: From the outside of an animal or a cell, one cannot tell the difference between the above choices. Based on the degree of complexity, I've made a choice, since choices are allowed. Organisms that require highly complex activities are helped by God as in Natures IQ book. I understand the approach of choice 2, but since I've accepted the idea that evolution is God's way of creating humans any onboard instructions contain God's guidelines. My whole concept is consistent.

I know you have made your choice. I am merely clarifying the point that a) autonomous intelligence does not mean doing what God tells you, and b) I cannot understand why you absolutely refuse to contemplate the possibility that God may have given organisms autonomous intelligence (though allowing himself the option to dabble - which he may have exercised in the case of humans). The fact that one cannot tell the difference from the outside offers no support to either option.

DAVID: under “Smart animals”): So how did they develop the intelligence you claim they have.
dhw: Nobody knows the origin of intelligence or consciousness, but it may have been provided by your God. However, the issue is whether evolution is run by divine preprogramming/dabbling or by the possibly God-given intelligence of organisms…I may have said that before!
DAVID: My viewpoint fully explained in today's entry 'Explaining natural wonders'.

It is not fully explained, but is merely repeated.

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