Brain complexity: learning new tasks (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, December 04, 2017, 17:49 (106 days ago) @ dhw
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DAVID: I've supported nothing of your nebulous theory that cells get together and somehow enlarge brain/skull. Nor am I sure that further expansion is not possible, but I do believe we are at the end point. We do agree that larger brains allow more advanced implementations. We will always disagree on the cause of the immediate enlargements.

dhw: There is nothing nebulous in the hypothesis. You have described every detail in the most concrete terms possible. Maybe there could be further expansion, but there can be no doubt that at least for now, complexification has taken over, and modern science proves that the brain changes when AND NOT BEFORE it implements new concepts: expansion for hominins, complexification for sapiens. On 2 December you were in complete agreement with me on the cause of the enlargements, so we do not “always” disagree.

I've taken the step of erasing all the back and forth to once again explain my theory about brain/skull enlargment which has been lost by you : Current evidence shows that a brain enlarges with new implementations and shrinks as it complexifies, all within the unchanging skull because of the cerebrospial fluid layer allows these modification of the brain. Ideas or concepts do not change brain size. I firmly believe this process antidates sapiens and goes back to orginial homo brains at all stages. I also believe that the development of more complex ideas can only be developed by more complex larger brains. Thus the artifacts show the level of ideas and the level of implimentation related to that brain size. I firmly believe the evidence indicates size first, use second. I do not believe the appearance of new ideas cause expansion. Implementation can only come with the next larger size of brain, but that learning process will enlarge the brain which will shrink as the brain complexifies the new controls in the new neuron network, skull not changing. We do agree that evolution builds on past developments of complexity by innovation. This theory follows that precept. And remember I'm using shorthand in writing, the role of soul being understood for brevity's sake.

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