Purpose and design (Evolution)

by Balance_Maintained @, U.S.A., Thursday, April 27, 2017, 22:18 (872 days ago) @ dhw

DHW: Like David, I have problems with this concept of Christ, but even if I were to accept the basic premise that your God’s son was the start of the creative process, I would still like to know why God created the system that produced this vast variety of material life forms, including humans with their advanced consciousness. I cannot see anything in your earlier post that would invalidate the hypothesis of life as a means of alleviating his boredom: the process began with himself and nothing besides himself, what he created produced a huge and ever changing variety, there were and are elements of randomness that he either could not or would not predict…and unlike David you are not afraid to attribute human thoughts to him - after all, we are “in his image”. So once again (with apologies for harping on about it), can you see anything in the history of life that contradicts the relief-of-boredom hypothesis?

Only this... IF it was only to cure his own boredom, why would he put up with the crap from us after allegedly coming so darn close to wiping us off the face of the earth. Why go through all the headache and heartache of it all when he could have just wiped us out if the only reason we mattered was to alleviate his boredom.

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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