Purpose and design (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 22:30 (830 days ago) @ dhw

TONY: Option 5: Each stage of 'evolution' (life forms) was designed to perform a specific, specialized purpose at specific times within the evolution of the earth in order to bring about a predetermined state that existed in homeostasis. When those specific periods were over, and they were no longer needed, they were either adapted or allowed to die off as the situation warranted. When the conditions were right for Humans, and only when they were right, God continued development and created humanity.

dhw: If I’ve understood you correctly, this means that whatever happened was planned by your God to happen that way. With my theist’s hat on, I find that perfectly reasonable. But you say: “When those specific periods were over, and they were no longer needed…” Needed for what?

I’m sure even an atheist would agree that humans could not appear until conditions were right, but how does that make humans the sole purpose for every phase in the development of life forms and of the environment?

I do not think you follow Tony as I do. Tony is describing a God who sets up processes to create certain life forms and certain environmental conditions. God know where these processes are directed and how they will end. When they reach His anticipated endpoint, He moves on to the next process or step in evolution, always under his control but in steps by processes. Tony's description fits my idea of God using evolution for all accomplishments He desires, in universe, Earth, and animal and plant goals. What looks like delay to us is staged purposeful development. This may be a required methodology or simply God's way of doing things. It does not necessarily imply limits for God, although in my mind it remains a possible interpretation.

As for producing humans, I interpret Tony's view as cautioning humans to accept their existence in a humble manner, not glorifying in it as the only special group created by God. For example, he lists angels, etc., coming first.

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