Purpose and design (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 00:55 (818 days ago) @ dhw

Tony: Some things are done strictly for the benefit of the creature in question. However, just because the bird's nest is not strictly for humanity's sake, the bird itself DOES fill a vital role in keeping the earth alive, and thus, giving the bird a means to stay alive does fall into the larger category of benefiting humanity specifically and all life in general.[/i]

DAVID: Thank you. dhw for some reason cannot see this.

What I have left above is the part of Tony's statement that I was applauding.

dhw: All organisms fulfil a role in “keeping the earth alive” until they disappear, and then the surviving organisms keep the earth alive. All organisms therefore benefit all other organisms, including humans. This does NOT mean that your God personally designed the weaverbird’s nest – Tony’s post leaves it open as to whether the bird did this by itself – and benefiting all life in general includes benefiting humans, but does NOT mean that all life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders, extant and extinct, were specially designed by your God to provide food solely for the benefit of humans, or to keep life going until – according to you – he designed the only thing he wanted to design (humans). For some reason you cannot see this.

Tony does not speak to how the nest was designed, or b y whom.

dhw: I know you are desperate for support from Tony, but: “Humans, as the prime goal of all creation, or even of evolution, is truly just silliness, even according to science which claims everything is still evolving” (Balance Maintained, 1 April under “God and evolution”). Thank you, Tony. David for some reason cannot see this.

We are both trying to interpret Tony. I think He would accept the appearance of humans as a major purpose of God.

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