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by David Turell @, Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 18:42 (368 days ago) @ dhw

dhw:In relation to complexity, I accept your evidence as offering the best possible case for the existence of a designer. With regard to your explanation of evolution’s history and your readings of God's mind (if he exists), I can see no evidence for your speculations. One correction: you have reached very firm conclusions. I have not reached any. For me, a conclusion either way demands too much fiction in place of evidence, and so I see myself as much more evidence based than you.

The fact that humans are here against all probability, which I accept as FACT, is evidence enough to declare we are God's purpose. That models all of my thinking.

DAVID: Your vision of God is not limited. I try to limit mine for the simple reason that we cannot fully understand His person.

dhw: You wrote: “Your humanizing approach limits your vision of what actual capacities a creator God might have.” Now you tell me my vision is not limited! So how does my humanizing approach limit my vision of his capacities without limiting my vision of his capacities?

What I meant by 'not limited' is that you allow your romantic mind to wonder all over the place in regard to your theistic-sort-of views.

dhw: Let’s sort this out, shall we? You have suggested that God HAD to make the world the way he did, which emphatically limits his powers. Since we “cannot fully understand His person “ (though he’s not a person, and according to you we can’t understand him at all), I don’t know why you want to impose any limits on him.

Because the Earth He created is a dangerous place. It seems to be true that He could not do it any other way.

dhw: And being forced to do it one way hardly endows him with the full control you always ascribe to him, but then you seem to pick and choose his attributes as the wind blows.

As the evidence takes me!

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