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by BBella @, Tuesday, February 07, 2017, 04:26 (378 days ago) @ dhw
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The universe is unquestionably based on something that is beyond our current understanding. My musings were rather more personal, though, as I was really wondering why interconnectedness was such an important factor in BBella’s concept of the ALL THAT IS.

Why is interconnectedness such an important factor in my concept of all that IS? It's important because of the experience I had when I was ill. I experienced this interconnection and felt as if I understood it and could even explain if I had the words for it - but just didnt at the time. Thereafter, through serendipitous connections, I found scientist, philosophers and writers, etc, that expressed with words my experience - as close as humanly possible. I had no idea of the concepts of Bohm, Talbot, Sheldrake, Planck, etc or quantum theory when this happened to me, yet when I read their work and theories they spoke a familiarity to me. At times, it would seem as if their work would drop in my lap (proverbially) out of the blue. As I mentioned before, it felt like I was being led with "breadcrumbs" to their works. By popping in with my experience (which is all I really have to go on) in our discussions now and then, it's not easy to relate my experience at times - and the older I get the fuzzier that experience becomes, so when something pops up in the discussions that I can relate to or feels familiar to my experience, I share only what I can relate with and try to remember the roots of it all.

In relation to your own beliefs, which require God to be within and without the world as we know it, there is a similar problem. Is God within the pebble on the beach? If so, what does that mean? Needless to say, this is only the tip of the philosophical iceberg.

Instead of asking is God within the pebble, I ask myself, is the pebble on the beach made with the same material as (God) or the all that IS? To that I would answer, yes. But that brings up another question of consciousness and where does it end and where does it begin within all that IS? Of course, no one knows. But regardless of where it begins and ends or where it first emanated from, I do believe that consciousness is felt throughout the universe, if in no other way, than in it's most simplest form of vibration frequency and that is one way how all things may be interconnected.

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