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by dhw, Tuesday, February 07, 2017, 11:27 (377 days ago) @ BBella

BBELLA: Why is interconnectedness such an important factor in my concept of all that IS? It's important because of the experience I had when I was ill. I experienced this interconnection and felt as if I understood it and could even explain if I had the words for it - but just didnt at the time. […] By popping in with my experience (which is all I really have to go on) in our discussions now and then, it's not easy to relate my experience at times - and the older I get the fuzzier that experience becomes, so when something pops up in the discussions that I can relate to or feels familiar to my experience, I share only what I can relate with and try to remember the roots of it all.

Your experiences are an invaluable contribution to our discussions, difficult though they are to put into words. There are so many things that are way beyond our understanding and our vocabulary that personal experiences like yours may be the only way we can gain access to truths that lie behind the mysteries. (I often think that music is the only means we ordinary folk have of glimpsing these truths – precisely because it is non-verbal.) But that doesn’t stop us from TRYING to understand, and that is why I asked why interconnectedness was important to you. I need to be more specific, but there is no need for you to answer if the question is too personal or too difficult. Your miraculous recovery was somehow linked to these…let’s call them philosophical…insights. You’ve summed them up as follows:
I do believe that consciousness is felt throughout the universe, if in no other way, than in it's most simplest form of vibration frequency and that is one way how all things may be interconnected.

It is not so much the form of interconnection that interests me as the effect or importance of interconnection. It is very clear to me that faith in a supreme, all-unifying and benevolent God can bring immense practical benefits to the believer, but that doesn’t seem to be the line you follow. If “consciousness is felt throughout the universe”, I’d like to know what is the effect, the importance, of its being universal. Simple vibrations won’t help me. Can you possibly put into words what your experience of interconnectedness has taught you about our place in the universe, and why it matters so much to you as a concept?

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