Interconnection with all that IS Part 2 (General)

by BBella @, Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 06:21 (369 days ago) @ BBella

Part 2

As time passed, sychronicity began to enter the picture (outside me) and began to play the part of teacher for me. It was something I could not ignore, even though I didnt understand it - it insisted on grabbing my attention at every opportunity. Cant exactly say that I comprehend it then, or even now, and at that time, it began to communicate to me without words - just numbers at first. But even before that, I was already receiving messages about the world around me. Some of those experiences included being ONE with that IS - which understandably, I didnt fully grasp ( and still do not). But I knew that I was receiving communications or messages, and knew what it meant to me, at the time, and still today. I believed, and felt at that time, the world that surrounded me was giving me emotional support and care that I could understand and feel, at a time when I had felt no care by the God that abandoned me. I felt something/everything outside me cared enough to communicate to me by way of what I allowed into my filter. These messages were not like any known information I was familiar with, although in some sense, it felt normal. These messages came from that which resided outside me but which took the time to connect with me through the world around me, like spiders, birds, plants, trees, clouds and even the far out cosmos or nebulae which came to me at times in my dreams and through my poetry and drawings. I felt I was receiving reassurance and hugs from the world and even the universe that surrounded me.

Soon, I began to feel a healing balm come over my body, even though my pain level did return somewhat. It was as if I knew I was going to be ok. I was led by my youngest child to begin coloring with her, and I started noticing how different colors had an impact on me and lifted my spirits. This was before color or art therapy became popular. It was the impact of color on my emotional health that caused me to read my first book since going anti - man made information. This book coincidentally landed on my doorstep (so to speak) not long after I noticed colors impact. The book was in a box of books given to me by a friend of a friend who was moving and couldnt take her books with her. Finding that there were studies on color therapy, I again felt synchronicity validating my experience. Many things like this happened, including being guided through synchronicity to begin writing poetry, drawing and painting. These are all things I loved doing as a very young child - so it was fitting, I assume, that feeling like a child I would naturally be guided back to these things when my mind was clear and empty of everything else. Through poetry and art, I began expressing my connections and guidance I was receiving. And sometimes I used it for guidance as well.

It may not be evident by what Ive written, since I obviously havent and cant recount every step, but I feel without a shadow of doubt in my mind, that what IS (that which I perceive as OUTSIDE myself) guided me out of my dark place and into the light. I was given many, many synchronistic messages that I could not ignore, and that I never questioned and still do not. Some of those messages I have found similarities since in science, philosophies, books and articles that I've found since. But I do not cling to the ideas of others (that was one of my messages), I just feel a kinship or a familiarity of messages I've already been given. So, in some sense, I not only feel interconnected with all that IS, it could be said that I feel a personal relationship with it. Not like I have relationships with my family or friends, but like a relationship with something beyond me that I know is also a part of me.

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