Interconnection with all that IS Part 2 (General)

by dhw, Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 08:44 (369 days ago) @ BBella

I’ve read this through twice, and have sat here for quite a time wondering how to respond adequately to such a moving and revealing post. I remember feeling the same when you first gave us an account of your illness. The fact is, all our intellectual wrestling with facts and theories simply fades into insignificance when confronted with the overpowering reality of such an experience. You don’t understand it yourself, but the message I get is that there is no need to understand it. It is what it is, and it goes far too deep to be questioned. I love the link with poetry and art. These and music seem to me to take us into realities beyond those we know, and it makes sense to me that they can be used therapeutically precisely because they reach deeper into us than self-conscious reasoning. Maybe our self-consciousness, while being a huge asset in terms of survival and technological progress, is sometimes our greatest enemy. The fellow creatures to which you felt connected simply get on with life instead of thinking about it!

It’s noticeable that like Buddhism your experience does not now incorporate a god. It will be interesting to see how David responds to it.

Meanwhile, I can only thank you once more for sharing this with us and again adding a new dimension to our discussions.

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