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by David Turell @, Saturday, February 04, 2017, 22:04 (380 days ago) @ dhw
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dhw:I shan't pretend to have understood the article, or anything else about quantum mechanics, but I have looked at other sites and you and BBella are quite right that quantum folk believe that all particles are connected. Thank you. Needless to say, I remain very much in the dark. BBella believes that even a distant star that she knows nothing about not only affects her but is also affected by her. I mentioned a pebble on a beach in Australia as another example. I'm sure BBella will answer for herself, but I don't know if you, David, also subscribe to the interconnectedness of all things. Taking my example of the Australian pebble, what "effect" do you think it might have on you? If it has no effect on you, and if you have no effect on it, and if you don't know it exists, what is the nature of the connection?

You may not understand the article, but remember, even Feynman said no one undertands quantum mechanics. The key is to understand that the particle are seen by us on our side of reality, not the other reality where they come from and where they connect. I have no idea if an Australian pebble and I have a connection, but I've avoided posting the current debate as to whether the universe is a hologram, based on quantum gravity, since it is an unanswerable proposal at the current state of knowledge. Remember our empty vacuum space has virtual particles that pop in and our of 'our' existence. It is empty only until they appear! They must be from somewhere and it is at that level that they are connected. To me that rules out the pebble and I.

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