Logic and evolution (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, July 24, 2016, 19:46 (1067 days ago) @ dhw


dhw: I keep agreeing with you that loss occurs in adaptation and is almost certain to occur in innovation. Whatever information is no longer required by the new organ will be jettisoned. That would make loss of information a result, but not the cause.

If adaptation is related to loss of genetic information, and it represents something new, why do you think it is logical that loss of information means it was no longer necessary? Isn't it possible that recombination of genes is a subtraction that does produce new hidden information with the new DNA structure? We only know that DNA codes for protein. We have no idea how it create forms or function.

DAVID: You are absolutely logical, which is why I continue with my dilemma. And one has to consider that new species might come from a rearrangement of existing information. so I can still consider that all the info is present in the beginning, some is lost and some is rearranged through dabbling.

dhw: Once again: firstly, adaptation is a direct response to changes in the environment (= external information), and I think it most likely that innovation is also triggered by environmental changes. Those changes constitute new information which has to be processed, and new external information is information.

This is external stimuli information, which does cause the organism to modify DNA which contains internal information that can be modified. not the same information which results in DNA.

dhw: How can those changes be present at the beginning?

I can conceive of the original DNA containing all the info needed, and by recombination and loss allows for the coding of new forms and functions.

Secondly, preprogramming all species via loss of information can only mean that all the information, external and internal, was contained within the first cells, and so each species had to lose all the information that produced every other species.

You are forgetting recombination transposition, reduplication as well as loss producing new hidden information.

dhw: if you accept the logic of the above, all the info cannot have been present at the beginning.

No I don't accept your logic as it leaves out the genetic possibilities that do exist to change and activate hidden information.

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