Logic and evolution (Introduction)

by dhw, Friday, July 22, 2016, 10:13 (1069 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: Under the dabble theory I agree with you. See my entry today in the Oxygen note. It is very possible that dabble and deletion both exist to advance evolution.

dhw:I can't see anything in the entry about deletion. At least you now seem to have abandoned the claim that innovation is possible without additional information. However, I remain bewildered by your belief that loss of information might be RESPONSIBLE for (as opposed to accompanying) evolutionary advances/innovations. This flies in the face of all logic. (See my second post.)

DAVID: In regard to adaptations it is exactly what the literature reports in many but not all adaptations. No, it is not logical, but cells have the ability to reduplicate genes, to have them jump around, to delete them, to modify them by methylation, as championed by Shapiro. Cells do have control over their genes, without any sense of thought.

Adaptations may sometimes be accompanied by loss of information. That does not and cannot mean that loss of information is RESPONSIBLE for innovation. Yes, cells have all these abilities, as championed by Shapiro. And they may well have a “sense of thought”, as championed by Shapiro.

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