near to death episodes: the paranormal exists (Endings)

by David Turell @, Friday, May 22, 2020, 21:34 (8 days ago) @ dhw

How it relates to NDE's is not known, but there does seem to be another layer of mental activity that can cross many years or distance before surfacing:


"At a séance with Indridi Indridason in Reykjavik on November 24th 1905 a Danish communicator appeared who gave his name as ‘Jensen’ and his profession as a ‘manufacturer’. He described a fire that had broken out in a factory in Copenhagen. About an hour later he said that the fire had been brought under control. A written account was deposited with the Bishop of Iceland. There was no telephone or telegraph communication with Iceland in 1905 and news arrived by ship near Christmas that a fire had indeed broken out on November 24th in a factory at Store Kongensgade 63, and was brought under control in an hour as had been stated at the séance. Minute books were kept of Indridason’s séances which took place from 1904 to 1909. They had been lost for over half a century when two of them turned up a few years ago. According to them on December 11th 1905 the communicator revealed his name to be Emil Jensen, claimed that he was unmarried and had no children, had died when ‘not so young’, and had brothers and sisters who were all still living. No attempt was made to trace manufacturer Jensen until the author did so in 2009. A search by the author in archives in Denmark revealed the existence of a person named Emil Jensen who had been a manufacturer and had lived most of his life on Store Kongensgade where the fire broke out. Everything that the communicator had stated about himself in 1905 was thus verified over a century after the sittings took place. This case has a striking similarity to the famous case of Emanuel Swedenborg, who described while in Gothenburg in 1759 a fire that raged near his home in Stockholm."

Comment: I have described some of my wife's similar abilities here. She has, in the past, identified by name dead ancestors, she had never met in life, from old photos. Her explanation is that she had met them in dreams! I have also noted she has 'seen ' current events at the exact time they occurred, then confirmed on television. The point is there is a level of mental activity that only some of us are privy to,

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