A possible God's possible purpose and nature (The nature of a \'Creator\')

by dhw, Thursday, June 17, 2021, 11:25 (427 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I have to remind you, an evolutionary process builds new stages from the old and in our case this evolution adds complexity at each stage. Brontos are part of a stage.

dhw: Dodge, dodge, dodge. I have to remind you that if you believe in common descent, ALL life forms were once new “stages” built from the old, but 99% of the stages had no connection with humans. You have said yourself that brontos had no direct connection to humans. They were a “stage” on a different branch of the bush.

DAVID: That is not what I have proposed above. Of course there is no direct connection with stages that are far apart in time.

And there is no connection between branches. There is in fact no connection at all, apart from common descent from the first cells, which is why it is patently absurd to claim that all extinct life forms were “part of the goal to evolve [design] humans” plus lunch.

DAVID: I won't deny my vision of a very purposeful God who knows exactly what He is doing on the way to His goals.

dhw: […] Why do you believe that a God whose goal is to create a free-for-all is not purposeful and does not know what he is doing on the way to fulfilling his goal of a free-for-all?

DAVID: Free-for-alls by definition have no specific goal in sight. You are not logical.

dhw: You’re fond of the phrase “slicing and dicing”, and that is precisely what you are doing. The subject is God’s goal. His goal would be the joy/excitement/pleasure of watching what the free-for-all will lead to. You accidentally hit on it when you drew the analogy with my own creative processes.

DAVID: Again a very humanized God who MUST have human pleasures to watch an uncontrolled developing melee with an unknown but potentially exciting outcome. Like a cricket match.

As usual, you shift your ground when cornered. The history of evolution’s comings and goings, with 99% of life forms etc. having no connection with humans, suggests a free-for-all, and so maybe that’s what God wanted – i.e. it was his purpose. THAT is logical, and so back you go to your silly “humanized” argument. Why does it never occur to you that if your God created us, WE may have inherited some of HIS characteristics? Yes, the excitement of not knowing the outcome would be excellent motivation for him to create a free-for-all. This time, you have bravely made your own guess as to his purpose in creating us:

DAVID: Our giant brains allow us to decide to study God's works. Perhaps it is a way He allows us the challenge of figuring His methods of creation. Only a guess!!!

Do tell us your guess as to why he might want us to study his works and figure out his methods.

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